Columbia River Kayaking offers special class for women with Ginni Callahan and Katie Beck

Internationally renowned kayaking coach and Columbia River Kayaking founder Ginni Callahan returns home to Skamokawa, WA to offer just one kayaking course in North America this year. "Babes in Boats" June 29 through July 1, can be taken as a 1, 2, or 3-day event.  “Babes” is a lighthearted approach to kayaking safety, efficiency, grace, and power, particularly tailored for women.
Callahan is one of the most highly certified coaches in the US, of either gender, backed by both the BCU and the American Canoe Association. She has coached paddlers across the US, in Mexico, and Australia.  Students have come to her from Chile, Tasmania, Sweden, Canada, and Venezuela.   Only 2 other women in the US have achieved the world's highest Leadership Award, the British Canoe Union's 5-star. 
It’s Callahan’s genial nature that makes her classes so popular, coupled with an eye for detail and a knack for making some challenging skills approachable. Callahan says, “Most instructors talk about rotating your body, and using the core to power the kayak. We do drills on land and identify what that actually feels like.  Some games make people laugh, but they really do get folks to engage those larger muscle groups and feel it.  Get back in the kayak, and you now know what you’re shooting for. Paddling with your core helps reduce injury and leaves you more energy for the long haul.”

CRK co-owner Katie Beck is an enthusiastic up & coming coach and a popular guide well loved for her humor and playful spirit. More information about the course and Columbia River Kayaking can be had by emailing, or by calling 360-849-4016

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